Robinson – 2015.08.06

Robinson is an open world survival roguelike. It focuses on exploration and crafting and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fight creatures, build your camp, and survive, but most importantly – get off the damn island!

gameplay gif

You can track development on GitHub.

Try the pre-release version.



Adjusted harvestable cell generation.
Added splash screen.
Changed Windows font and character use to be more accessible.
Updated crafting screen to indicate which items the player does not have for a recipe.
World topography is more “noisy”.
Added “large flint stone” drops.
Added sand dune and rocky shore cell types.
Player is slowed on surf and sand dunes.
Added diagonal harvesting.
Added “days survived” to game over screen.
Adjusted monster spawning probabilities.
Added monster health description to “look” mode menu.
Added flint axe blade recipe and adjusted flint axe recipe to require it.
Added blood splatters.


Fixed font width issue on Windows.
Fixed game over typo.
Faster world generation.